The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get!

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get!

📅11 September 2014, 21:21

Our vision at is to produce a positive environment for people who are passionate about off road motorsports. When the time is right, there is nothing more fun than busting a few jokes at the expense of your buddy. However, with all the negativity you see across the internet and social media, it is our goal to give credit where credit is due.

We were there when a group of baggy gear freestyle motocross punks made the transition from outsiders to leaders in the Action Sports Industry. Brian Deegan is having great success in multiple disciplines of off road motorsports. His success was not a lucky break, but a true illustration of how hard work, dedication and determination can pay off. We are not here to tell the Brian Deegan story, but to use his success as an example to help spark the fire in today’s youth to chase their dreams. Brian’s dream started out in Nebraska, but with his hard work and self discipline his dreams are now worldwide.

With all the success Brain has had financially and personally, we believe his greatest success is being a great father and role model. In the stands at the shortcourse events you always hear “If I had Deegan’s money, I could win races too”. His success is an attribute to his hardwork and motivation. If you don’t know the blood, sweat and fears that Brain has faced and over come, We highly suggest watching his documentary Brian Deegan Disposable Hero- A Testament to Dedication.

Although Brian’s success is now worldwide, he is a living example of one person chasing their dream, working hard and now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Before all the fancy RVs and big rigs, Brain was bouncing from race to race and FMX event to FMX event in a Piece of $h!t van. Here he is with a fan at Perris Motor Speedway with the OG Metal Mulisha rig in the background circa 1999.

Brian is able to provide his children with many opportunities that he and most people could only dream about at their age. The greatest asset that he is giving them is something that money can’t provide, its teaching them to put the work in, stay focused, do the laps, don’t give up and try your hardest.

We hope you enjoyed the video of  a typical race weekend with the Deegan family put together by 395 Productions.

Always remember:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. But if talent works hard ….you’re f****d!


If you do what you have always done. You’ll get what you have always gotten!

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