Powder Coating 101

Powder Coating 101

Powder Coating 101

📅04 September 2014, 23:33

Powder Coating 101

With summer being emotionally over for most, it’s time to start thinking about the SCORE Baja 1000. With this year’s race being a penninsula run, preparation, strategy and logistics will be a key to success. Many teams have already been planning who their additional drivers will be and who will provide additional pit support for the long race. Prerunning is a huge advantage in Baja, and prepping your prerunner is a priority. Taking your prerunner though the various elements of Baja is pure HELL on your equipment. Due to the mud, water and silt that is always a common ingredient of a race in Baja, many people choose to powdercoat their prerunner’s chassis. Powdercoating your chassis is easily the best way to keep it rust free and protect it from the elements but it does have its downfalls. The major downfall is being nmuch more difficult to locate any cracks in your chassis or arms. With that being said, many people would prefer the simplicity of being able to preassure wash their prerunner and hunt a little longer for cracks. In this article will follow the process of a 4 seat prerunner from the raw and a little bit rusty stage though the whole powder coating process.

Billy Lavorci at Perfomance Powder Coating has been a longtime friend of the Desertrides.com staff. Performance Powder Coating has sprayed countless racecar parts, chase racks and general equipment for us. Their quality and customer service is second to none. Billy has been racing motocross his whole life. He spent a lot of time riding with his late best friend as well as FMX Pioneer and Legend Mike Cinqmars. Billy is a huge supporter of off road racers and has recently been racing a 2 seat class 1600 whoop skipper. Please support those who support racers!

Performance Powder Coating

22163 Powhatan Rd. #A

Apple Valley, CA




Step 1

Remove the chassis from the trailer and prepare for sand blast.

Step 2

Sand blast chassis to remove rust and burrs

Step 3

Sand all highly visible areas to create ultra smooth finish

Step 4

Blow off any remaining sand, dust or debris from chassis

Step 5

Place chassis in the oven for the pre burn off  at 450f for 45 minutes to burn off any oil or grease that may be on the chassis. allow chassis and parts to cool down completely.

Step 6

Blow dust out of the shop and prepare the powder- Gun Metal Grey to be sprayed

Step 7

Apply powder to chassis and parts.

Step 8

Double check for complete coverage of powder before bake.

Step 9

Bake the base color for 7 minutes at 400f. Allow chassis and parts to cool down completely before applying the clear coat

Step 10

Cleanout equipment and switch spray gun to apply clear coat.

Step 11

Apply clear coat over base color.

Step 12

Double check parts and chassis for powder coverage of the clear coat

Step 13

Bake clear coat for 40 minutes at 400f

Step 14

Pull parts and chassis out of the oven and allow to cool down. That completes the whole process of the 2 stage powder coating.

Step 15

The arms were completed using the single stage powder coating process. They were finished in the classic Silver Vein color to give a little contrast to the chassis.

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