Pistol Pete Racing Rocks a Podium Finish at the Parker 425

Pistol Pete Racing Rocks a Podium Finish at the Parker 425

📅06 February 2007, 17:07

Parker, ARIZONA (February 6, 2007). – Pistol Pete Racing was determined to run a strong race at the Parker 425 and that’s exactly what they did. Qualifying on Thursday was a bit rough due to some setup changes the team made to Trophy Truck #2. Pete ended up with the 11th place starting position and definitely had his work cut out for him.

In the first 1/4 mile of the race, TT#2 loses power and flat out quits. Randy, Pete & Kyle quickly pull the hood and diagnose the problem. After a quick sensor swap, they are back on their way, now 4-5 minutes down on their 1st lap. Pete maintained a consistently fast pace for the remainder of the 1st lap and ended up being the 3rd Trophy Truck on the road.

On the second lap, TT#2 lost an alternator, and the failure wasn’t realized it in time. The batteries got drained, and once again TT#2 flat out quits. The truck is quickly jump started and the spare transmission alternator is put into play. Another 10 minutes are lost on the second lap.

The final lap was make or brake time for Pistol. Right foot to the floor, TT#2 starts losing oil which quickly leads to a loss of oil pressure. A much needed pit stop is made, and 2 gallons of oil are added to TT#2. Pistol Pete drops the hammer and drives like a bat out of hell for the last 1/2 of the final lap. Only ten miles from the finish, TT#2 gets a flat tire. Randy and Kyle have the tired changed in under two minutes and Pistol drives it to the finish.

Pistol battled the entire race against the fierce competition and unexpected issues with TT#2 for a solid podium finish and 7th overall. This is Pete’s 10th podium finish in the Trophy Truck Class between SCORE and BITD, since he started in 2004.

Pistol Pete Racing would like to thank: Schampa Technical Clothing, Precision Gear, ATX Wheels, King, BFG, DesertLab & High Rev Photo.

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