***Land Use*** Johnson Valley

***Land Use*** Johnson Valley

***Land Use*** Johnson Valley

📅19 August 2014, 07:07

Words by: Kim Carpenter

Map by: U.S.M.C.

On Saturday, August 16th a handful of D-37 members as well as others from various off-road group (
CORVA, Victor Valley 4 Wheelers) and many local residents attended the meeting in Lucerne Valley regarding the Shared Use area of Johnson Valley.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposed company objective sites within the shared use area.

Attached is the map and .gps coords for the proposed company objective sites that the Marine Corps are looking at.

The Marines have identified three potential locations. They only need two. They would like to seek public comment as to which of the two locations would have the LEAST impact on the recreating community and residents of the area.

The legislation that was signed into law in Dec. 2013 states that the Marines can have two 22 acre permanent parcels in the shared use area. The Marines do not want that, in fact they want to use these two areas to practice maneuvers and yes, they will be doing live fire exercises but not with dud producing ordinance.

They (the Marines) indicated Saturday that they would be bulldozing the area when finished with their exercise and returning it to its natural condition.

The Marines also said that the soonest they would be using the area for MEB training would be Fall of 2016. So for you clubs that have races before then, be sure to get your SRP requests in early to secure your dates. The Marines will have to apply for a SRP 12-18 months before their use date as well.

Can you please take a look at the map and the coords and if you have an opinion on any/all or none of the locations please let me know.

Kim Carpenter email: carpentersa5k@msn.com

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