Published – Desert Sports & Recreation Magazine Published – Desert Sports & Recreation Magazine

📅17 December 2006, 13:43

While I was walking through Contingency at the annual SCORE Primm 300, I stopped by the Desert Sports and Recreation trailer to say hello to Andy Myers, owner and editor of the magazine, who I had been introduced to at the Terrible’s Cup II race. While I was there, Andy and myself began talking about and the future it holds in the off-road community. He had been very curious about the racing classes article that had been one the website for some time, and was interested in publishing the article in his next issue of his magazine; the September/October 2006 issue. Being extremely extatic about this, there was no way I could say no.

Being that the deadline was rapidly approaching, I had to get everything ready for Andy and sent off by Monday evening, after being in PRIMM for the weekend, standing in the blazing heat shooting photo’s for the website.

Even though this was published some time ago, I know that some of you will enjoy the exposure the website is getting. Hopefully, Andy and I will be working more closely in the future to bring some exciting new features to the website. Thank you to all that have enjoyed in the past, and those that will enjoy it in the future.

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