Desert Rides is a prominent website devoted to serving the off-road community. This website provides fellow off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to see just what the industry has to offer. Desert Rides boasts the following features:

  • •  Up to date information on new products
  • •  Full coverage of future and past events
  • •  Press releases from industry leaders regarding new products
  • •  Race re-caps
  • •  Discussion board
  • •  In-depth features on off-road related businesses, drivers, racing teams and the latest, innovative vehicles within the industry.

Through the Desert Rides website we hope to reach end users with the most forthcoming information from within the industry. The information we strive to offer includes:

  • •  Vehicle Features: From these highlights, browse through numerous hi-resolution photos showcasing not only the ground-breaking ideas and styles of different builders from within the off-road world, but the quality and craftsmanship created by a rapidly advancing industry standard. From Trophy Trucks to stock Volkswagen Beetles, no style off-road car will be left uncovered. It is our goal to provide viewers a thorough idea of what each racing class has to offer. We feel it is important to offer the exposure each off-road car deserves.
  • •  Shop Tours: The majority of those involved in the sport are familiar with the big shops. But, what about the smaller, local shops? These builders are the backbone of our industry. The numbers of talented fabricators within the industry who often go unnoticed do so because of a lack of exposure. We all know and respect the big-name builders who have brought our sport to the level that it’s at today, though we also feel these lesser known fabricators deserve an opportunity to showcase their talents. These individuals and companies will soon be among the builders who will lead the industry to its next level.
  • •  Interviews: With interviews of drivers, fabricators, shop owners, and prep personnel we plan to offer our end users a better understanding of those who help drive the industry.
  • •  Race Reports/Press Releases/Stories: We can all read about who won this year’s Baja 1000. But, what really went on behind the scenes? Generally, most never come to find out about the problem-filled, dramatic day that most drivers endure on their way to victory or defeat. Here teams can share their experiences from the driver’s seat as well as the pit stops detailing the ups and down of their race efforts.
  • •  Media: Our staff will be attending the majority of the MDR/MORE/SCORE/BITD races as well as other sanctioned events when time and scheduling permits. Races are where the action is; though as most fans of off-road racing can attest, not everyone can attend all races during the course of a season. Through this section, we will supply viewers with quality action photos, short video clips, post-race interviews, as well as the day’s race results. With this excellent coverage, viewers will know more about the event than some of those in attendance.
  • •  Product Reviews: This new section on the site is a way to inform the public of a new, hot item that they should own. A review can be done upon request, and with that, we will review the product and give extensive details to the end user. What better way to showcase a product than have a full page dedicated to your hot new product to the public? We think the same, nothing! Take a look at the reviews we have done thus far and lets us know how we can work together in spreading the word about your new product!
  • •  Miscellaneous: Along with the above mentioned features, we offer “how-to” articles written by industry leaders. One such topic covers the installations of both a Camburg and H&M Performance kit. An extensive “suspension kit index”; is also available. This “index” provides information to users about a large majority of the bolt-on suspension kit suppliers within the off-road industry. The index is easy to navigate as it is broken down into sections based on vehicle type, year, and style. This user friendly matrix can better aid enthusiasts to help decide which suspension kit is most appropriate for their vehicle. See for yourself under the “reference” section in our header!

Our plans for a better, more informative site have only just begun. Our staff works diligently to provide our viewers with the most up to date information within the off-road industry. Media coverage of events will be at an all time high with staff attending numerous sanctioned events each month including pre-running and test sessions with local racers as they prepare for their next battle in the desert! With our vehicle and shop features offering viewers jaw-dropping, informative articles that demonstrate the best skills that fabricators in our industry have to offer, we feel our site will offers off-road enthusiasts a complete and exciting look into the off-road world.

Advertising is a pivotal component of our ability to offer total coverage from all aspects of the off-road community. Banners, like the ones already on our site, rotate in a fashion that every time a page is refreshed or a new topic on our forum is opened, it changes automatically from one company’s advertisement to another. This constant revolution ensures that each company’s ad is prominently featured at varying intervals as the user browses through different sections. The banner (.gif format) can be provided by the advertiser (you), one you already may have, or one can be created by the Desert Rides staff specific to needs of the customer for a one time charge of $150.

Along with advertising on Desert Rides, one will be able to showcase new products, press releases, future sponsors and partners, all within our website parameters. With a “product review” tab, we hope to revolutionize the way the off-road community researches products to help users to make the best decision possible for their individual needs. An unbiased opinion and an overview of the product will be given by our staff. Before any such review is allowed to be placed on the site for public viewing, a courtesy copy of this evaluation will be shared with the advertiser and/or company prior to the release of the product’s review on the website.


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We at Desert Rides feel there is no better way to advertise on the web within the off-road industry than with us. Why you ask? We feature multiple elements in which your company can capitalize. A review of your company’s new product posted on our website will not only allow you the opportunity to view the feedback of 3000+ Desert Rides members, but to respond to their inquiries as well. Desert Rides is not just a forum based website with occasional vehicle features; we’re the only place to go for full off-road/desert racing coverage! Please take a glance at the details once more, visit our website, join our forum, and feel free to ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to work with you as well. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have with the parameters included above. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you shortly.

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