2014 BAJA Rally 2.0

2014 BAJA Rally 2.0

2014 BAJA Rally 2.0

📅30 September 2014, 20:44

2014 BAJA Rally 2.0

Sept. 25th-28th
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Photos by Shogo Motobayashi

The 2014 Baja Rally 2.0, Presented by BMW of Escondido/Klim and ADV Moto was the 2nd running of the event hosting the most amazing views, comradery and competition North America has to offer! Starting right in front of the Mexican Flag pole in down town Ensenada the 4 day event had racers logging over 1000 miles and traveling through some of the most remote areas the Baja peninsula has to offer. Riders from all over the united states, mexico and as far as Scottland joined in the action to experience the one of a kind event.

Day 1 would go to Monkey Business Honda’s Steve Hengeveld after a slew of riders received speeding penalties in the small town of Valle de Guadalupe. Needless to say ALL riders obeyed the speed limits from then on out. Maxis/GPS/FMF backed Charles Jirsa would take the Rally1 (sportsmen) win and 7th overall in his first real Rally experience. He spent the time needed training, learning and practicing the foreign format and it paid off! Seat Time’s Brian Pierce would only be 1 second back from Jirsa but losing his GPS would give him a 3 hour penalty on the day and force him to the back of the field.

Day 2 would start out of Horse Power Ranch just outside of Ensenada and end in Coco’s Corner south of Gonzaga Bay. Hengeveld would log another victory with Rally Management Services Backed Scott Bright taking the first of 2 stage victories on the day finishing 2nd. Enduro360’s Chilly White would use his local knowledge to his advantage at a point where the road had washed out giving him a 3rd overall on the day. Jirsa woud also move up in the Overall ranks finishing 4th just ahead of his main class competition of Ian Glynn aboard his Konflict Motorsports Suzuki. Andy Grider would have to pull out with engine trouble, as many others did, but would follow the event the rest of the way and end up volunteering to work as well.

Day 3 had the longest single test of the entire event at 153 miles and would claim a few riders along the way. Hengeveld would start out first and find a 6ft deep high tide obstacle in his way. He would lose an hour getting stuck and then sucking water, along with a handful of other riders, and end up way back in the field. Local Hero Gerardo “Nino” Rojas would take the stage win navigating easily around the bog followed by Dakar veteran Mike Johnson 15 minutes back. MX 1 West’s Phil Bowman would come across in 3rd overall and 1st Rally1. Bright, Jirsa, White, Gracida and more would end up further back in the field but Bright would still lead the overall going into the final day.

Day 4 would take riders from El Rosario, staging from Mama’s Cafe, along a 350 mile route split into 3 stages all the way back to Ensenada. Bright would claim the first stage win just 9 seconds ahead of Hengeveld who started way back in the field. The second stage would go to Guadalajara’s Carlos Gracida aboard his Global Pumps KTM Rally Raid 450. In the final stage Bright would twist his ankle and have to follow Rojas into the finish but he would still take the stage win by 15 seconds over Rojas as he started ahead of him. Jirsa would take stage 1 and 3 of the day but a 20 minute mistake would give the Rally1 day victory to Glynn and drop Jirsa dramatically in the overall.

The overall victory would go to Scott Bright hailing from Grand Junction Colorado who is heading to Dakar this season! Second overall was Gracida followed by Hengeveld even after another hour long delay on day 4 with electrical issues. The Rally1 victory would go to Charles Jirsa, who is Jacob Argubright’s fulltime Mechanic at the National Hare and Hounds and Hare Scrambles. He definitely showed that he has the patience and tenacity to do great things with Rally and is looking to come back in Rally Pro for 2015 and go for the top 3!

Full Results – www.moto-tally.com/bajarally/results.aspx

OVERALL: 1. Scott Bright (KTM); 2. Carlos Gracida (KTM); 3. Steve Hengeveld (HON); 4. Mike Johnson (HON); 5. Chilly White (KTM); 6. Charles Jirsa (KTM); 7. Phil Bowman (KTM); 8. Iain Glynn (SUZ); 9. Gerardo Rojas (HON); 10. Sergio Lopez (KTM); 11. Mauricio Santana (KTM); 12. Mark Thayer (KTM); 13. Patrick Reyes (KTM); 14. Tumu Rock (HUS); 15. Doug Chapman (YAM); 16. Sid Milton (KTM); 17. Rick Vetter (HON); 18. Antonio Narino (HUS); 19. John Deykes (APR); 20. Patrick Whitt (KTM); 

RALLYPRO: 1. Scott Bright (KTM); 2. Carlos Gracida (KTM); 3. Steve Hengeveld (HON); 4. Mike Johnson (HON); 5. Chilly White (KTM); 

RALLY1: 1. Charles Jirsa (KTM); 2. Phil Bowman (KTM); 3. Iain Glynn (SUZ); 4. Sergio Lopez (KTM); 5. Mauricio Santana (KTM);

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